Meet The Butler

Above all, our experienced team, not only in the creative world, but also in the professional business world, believe in honest, affordable and incredibly helpful services. This resulted in a customized service package range to cater for small start up companies as well as bigger established companies and everyone in between. In addition from individuals who just wants to showcase their passion or hobby to a glowing couple in need of a detailed RSVP and “Save the date” platform, we are here to help every single individual or enterprise. 

So Who Are We?

At Web Hosting Butler our main focuses are Extremely good customer service and helping our customers grow their business to succeed. In doing this, we try to make our processes as easy and affordable as possible, while you are still getting all the professionalism and elegance you want.

Business solutions for Business owners, by Business owners

Web Hosting Butler was founded by two Brothers who each had their own Company in different fields. The lack of affordable and extremely helpful services forced them to gain the skills needed to succeed in their own fields and do so on their own.

A Perfect Combination

With experience and skills in both the Corporate and Creative world, we had the exact ingredients to help any type of business grow and succeed