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  • Web Hosting
  • Professional Online Presence


  • Web Hosting
  • Free Web Design
  • Business Growth


  • Web Hosting
  • Free Website Design
  • Enterprise Growth
  • Optimized Features

With optimized features on your website to make your customer service the best it can be

With the use of customized contact forms according to your needs with automated response features to let your customers know you are on it and doing everything you can to put them first

Communicate better with your customers before even meeting them

Showcase your business in a professional and accessible manner for your customers to choose your product or service before they even get in touch

Be found faster on search engines

With the use of search engine optimization we help you rank higher on search engine results by generic ratings, therefore prospective customers discover your business faster and easier.

Meet The Butler

Firstly, Web Hosting Butler is a professional team of industry an creative specialists who learnt the hard way of how the business world really works. To Start and run a business successfully is a very valuable skill to have, but without the necessary tools to grow your business and take it to the next level, those skills get trampled by the cold hard ceiling that is containing the potential of your business 

Above all, our experienced team, not only in the creative world, but also in the professional business world, believe in honest, affordable and incredibly helpful services. This resulted in a customized service package range to cater for small start up companies as well as bigger established companies and everyone in between. In addition from individuals who just wants to showcase their passion or hobby to a glowing couple in need of a detailed RSVP and “Save the date” platform, we are here to help every single individual or enterprise.¬†